Welcome to Globle Investments Ltd

 We are major mobile phone accessories distributor with specialist experience spanning 20years in the industry.  Our ethos is based on delivering efficient customer service and qualitative, genuine products.

 We offer an extensive range of genuine mobile phone accessories alongside competitive prices, frequently updating our stock to keep abreast of current trends in the market.

 Our website contains a wide range of products; however, with frequent incoming new products and price fluctuation, you may be unable to locate what you are looking for.  In any case, you should contact our team at info@globle-investments.com email or +442085080055 tel for best prices and product  availability.

 We invite you to check out our products and services and hope your experience on Globle Investment website is worthwhile, and we hope to see you again soon.

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We offer a unique fulfillment service, we can provide a wide range of packing solution which can be tailored to meet your clients
demands. Please call for further details.
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    Globle Investments offer a huge product range available to volume buyers only, the products have been selected to provide the
    best quality at very competitive prices.
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